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Premium Front Boots - Red
Premium Front Boots - Red

Premium Front Boots - Red

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Front Boot Outer Materials

What makes up the outer of our Premium Boots? The Highest Quality Japanese UBL Available. This UBL is the most durable on the market. It resist “fuzzing up” unlike any other boots on the market today.

The boot’s straps are constructed of some of the most aggressive hook (Velcro) material, ensuring a snug, secure fit.  And, nifty pull tabs at the end of those straps for fingernails and crippled cowboys. Yes, you are welcome. You can now apply and remove the boots with gloves on and/or not break a fingernail.

Front Boot Inner Materials

The interior of BXE’s Front Boots is comprised of SBR Neoprene. This neoprene is famous for it’s durability and longevity!  And the same High Density EVA Foam used to protect the noggin of your favorite Pro Football Player is also used to protect your horse’s leg!

The interior is lined with a soft, silky Poly knit material that will not catch or hold hair.

Only the best for your horse!!